DC Comics Film/TV Multiverse Thread

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DC Comics Film/TV Multiverse Thread

Post by DXvsNWO » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:12 am

This is for anything pertaining to the many DC Universes going on at the moment.

The big news on the DC Movie Universe front is that there's a brand new trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which dropped today at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.

Here's the full slate of DC Movies scheduled thus far:

- Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice - March 25th, 2016

- Suicide Squad - August 5th, 2016

- Wonder Woman - June 23rd, 2017

- Justice League: Part One - November 17th, 2017

- The Flash - March 23rd, 2018

- Aquaman - July 27th, 2018

- Shazam - April 5th, 2019

- Justice League: Part Two - June 24th, 2019

- Cyborg - April 3rd, 2020

- Green Lantern Corps. - June 19th, 2020

There's also DC's Television Universe, which stretches across various channels. The biggest thus far is the CW/DC Universe, which has Arrow, The Flash, and the recently announced Legends of Tomorrow. Then there was the recently announced Supergirl, which will be on CBS (not part of the aforementioned CW/DC Universe).

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