Sangre Chicana vs. El Satanico (EMLL 5/26/1989)

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Re: Sangre Chicana vs. El Satanico (EMLL 5/26/1989)

Post by Rah » Thu May 19, 2016 5:04 pm

Traversed back in time after seeing a 65 year old Satanico take it to Blue Panther; guy is just ageless. Brilliant build of hatred between these two, with Chicana getting into Satanico's head from the opening handshake and slowly driving the devil mad. Meat of the brawl comes in the third fall, when it looks like they just binned the script and starting duking each other for real. Satanico's got a great quick jab but holy hell does Chicana potato the stroppy bastard with some of the best hooks I've ever seen in wrestling. That's just one moment in an entire fall of spots that I feel like making a gif of the next time someone says that wrestling needs blood to feel real. Nothing is more real than Satanico stomping Chicana's head into the hard floor after a vicious takedown. Nothing. Bless these two, because that third fall was the tits.

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