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Random Match Generator

Post by BillThompson » Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:09 pm

This is my other wrestling blog. For whatever odd reason a lot of people starting sending links my way and asking me to review matches for them. I'm humbled that people would think my writing was worth seeking out, but on Blue Thunder Driver I only review matches I think are great. Thus I had the idea for Random Match Generator. You send something my way and I'll review it. I've reviewed a lot of stuff so far, and lots of CHIKARA because lots of people hate me. Don't care who the wrestlers are or what the promotion may be, if you send me a request to review a match I will review it and give it a fair shake. (I had very positive things to say about a Tozawa match for instance). I don't do whole show reviews in general, but you send me one to review and I'll review it. A few regulars from here, like Case, have sent me stuff to review, and I gladly wlecome any and all new suggestions.


-- I need to be able to easily access the match/event somewhere online.

--If I've previously reviewed it I'm not going to write it up again, sorry.

--If I end up thinking it's a MOTYC then the review will appear on Blue Thunder Driver and not Random Match Generator,

If any of this appeals to you then stop by, read some reviews, leave some comments, and keep the train rolling by suggesting some stuff for me to review.

Random Match Generator

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