Kensuke Sasaki

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Kensuke Sasaki

Post by GOTNW » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:07 am

The Kobashi Dome/ Gobashi tag 1-2 punch would probably be enough to include him on some lists but his 2008-2013 run really cements his position. He had a formula in as much he had an asskicking character that performed consistently and produced many high end matches. I think his run is akin to Takayama's-he probably won't finish as high because an average voter will have a bigger emotional investment in early 2000s than Kensuke's time, but I could see him as a top 10/15 contender.

Recommended bouts:
w/Takayama vs Akiyama & Misawa 7/16/2006
w/Nakajima vs KENTA & Kobashi 6/14/2008
vs KENTA 7/18/2008
vs Morishima 9/6/2008
w/Nakajima vs KENTA & Shiozaki 6/22/2009
w/Morishima & Nakajima vs Tenryu, Ogawa & Suzuki 9/27/09
vs Akiyama 4/10/2010
vs Shiozaki 7/24/2010
vs Sugiura 7/23/2011
vs KENTA 11/8/2011
vs Sugiura 11/14/2011
vs Morishima 10/5/2013

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Re: Kensuke Sasaki

Post by Joe Lanza » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:36 am

It'll be real hard to not rank him in my top half at minimum. His old man run here really connected with me as a fan, and like stated above he took part in a few of the more historical matches in company history.

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