An Introduction to “Well You Know Something, Brother?”

A Voices of Wrestling trivia game hosted/ran by Rob Reid.
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An Introduction to “Well You Know Something, Brother?”

Post by Robareid » Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:44 pm

Greetings Grappling Fans!

You may or may not have noticed (although thinking about it you’re looking at it now so you probably have) this new sub-forum pop up at the bottom of the forums recently, mysteriously titled with a quote from the Immortal Hulkster himself. Worry not though, I am here to alleviate that pressing mystery from the mind of those of you who didn’t bother to read the sub-forum description! You can thank me later.

‘Well You Know Something, Brother?’, which I shall henceforth be referring to as WYKSB in this article in the interest of expediency, is going to be a Voices of Wrestling hosted wrestling trivia contest, run by yours truly. For the longest time I’d heard about the Square Circle’s wrestling trivia game, and as somebody who loves a good quiz and by virtue of being on this site is a massive wrestling nerd, I’ve always thought I’d love to take part. The problem there is that there’s this big expanse of water thing separating me from just being in the same country as the venue, and even being as eccentric as I am I’m not flying all the way over to Chicago from here in England every Thursday just to fill that itch.

Of course while there is a segment of our population on here who do happen to live in near proximity to the aforementioned wrestling bar, but I imagine most of you reading this find yourself in the same sort of position to me. If you’re nodding along to that statement like some weird nodding dog you see in the back of a car, well then you’re in luck! Because I have taken it upon myself to run such a wrestling trivia game over the marvellous medium of the internet, allowing wrestling nerds across the world to join together in what will be an epic showcase of us all knowing way too much about fake fighting.

So how is such a thing going to work I hear you ask? Or perhaps that’s Randy Orton's voices I’m hearing, who knows. Well either way, I’m going to tell you. WYKSB is going to be a play-by-googleform trivia contest. Each week will host a round, with each round being focused on a specific topic in the wrestling world, and be split into two sections: Questions and List Them, out of a total of 35 points.

· The Questions section will simply be twenty questions, worth one point each, so the section will be out of 20.
· The List Them section will be a category where the player can write down 15 names (or titles, or whatever) and will receive a point for each correct name. The category will sometimes have exactly 15 possible correct answers, or sometimes slightly more, but you’ll always be submitting 15 answers, so this section will always be out of 15.

On the Monday, I will send out a link to the Google form for all participants which will contain that round’s questions. The participants will have until the end of Friday to fill out their answers in said Google Form, getting their answers into me. Over the weekend I’ll mark the players’ answers, and on Sunday I’ll put out the results, go through the answers of the questions in depth, and update the leaderboard for the season. Then the next day, rinse and repeat.

But “Oh” I hear you ask (or perhaps that’s one of the Viper’s friends I’ve stolen again for my own internal dialogue) “In this age of Googling how are you ever going to run a quiz over the internet without participants cheating and ruining it for everybody”. An intelligent question of course, and one I have umm-ed and arr-ed over repeatedly while putting this project together. In the end, the conclusion I have come to that I think will work the best is to run the game as invite only. The reason for this is that at the end of the day, no matter how many ways we try to stop them, if people are going to cheat, they’re going to find a way to cheat on something like this. Therefore, I think the best way to run it is by a trust system. In an invite only system, I will feel I know everybody involved in the game well enough to know they will take the game in the spirit it is meant and not cheat to get ahead, or at least have somebody I know well enough to invite to the game vouch for them.

So what I’m basically saying is I’ll be creating a super-snooty and elitist and exclusive inner circle of wrestling nerddom. Now obviously that’ll leave some of you guys on the outside. Please don’t take this as a personal insult or some slight against your trustworthiness. In 99% of occurrences it’ll simply be that I haven’t had enough interactions with you. Each season of WYKSB will be lasting five rounds, and I’ll be looking to expand if there’s interest. So if you’re active here on the forums there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to receive an invite to a subsequent season. Now in the meantime every Saturday, between when I release the answers and results of the round but after the league players have submitted their answers, I will post up the questions on the forum for everybody to look at. This is specifically for those who are yet to receive an invite, so they can still get in on the fun.

Oh, and last but not least I’d like to give a shout out to Dale Mills for helping on the naming process.

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